Lubrication of gears and treads

For lubrication of gears and treads Woerner Smeersytemen BV mostly uses custom made lubrication pinions. With these pinions we have the possibility to transfer lubricant on all possible forms of gears, pindrive gears, but also on vertical of horizontal treads. The lubricant, the customer wants to apply, is mostly heavily burdened in this kind of situations and must meet high standards. It will be transferred by pumps to the pinions through the multilevel system or the progressive system.

A few examples:

Assem1_20161108a   Combination of  lubricating roller and  gear wheel

_NIC4760  Lubricating roller for treads
_NIC4781   Pinion  for  pindrive gear

_NIC4783   Big Module (Mn50) for winch drive