Woerner Smeersystemen B.V. is engaged in the development, delivery and assembly of lubrication equipment and complete lubrication systems in the broadest meaning and for the most differing industrial situations.  We have become a major player in the market of central lubrication systems with our own service, assembly  and development department.

Main issues

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Environment


Work safely is our highest priority . Of our employees and clients we expect they do everyting what is possible and nessecary to avoid accidents. Not only for personal damage but also to avoid damage to health and environment.

Partly because of this reason we certified our company VCA-* according to the latest standards. Our employees are under regular supervision. Not only of our employees but also of our clients and their work location we expect optimal cooperation concerning safety, health and environment.


"Quality is the satisfaction level of the customer". We strive to deliver the highest possible quality. That's why close consultation with the client, before, during and after performing of the assignments is very important. Woerner products are manufactured according to DIN and ISO 9110:2000. Our company strives for a transparent as possible agreements with clients to warrant the agreed quality.


We are aware of the ecological footprint of our branche and the environmental problems of out time. We compensate this problem as much as possible and confine it to a minimum. A well lubricated machine consumes less energie, needs less maintenance, is longer productive, which contributes significantly to our environment.
At our own production en waste processing we strive to improve the environmental friendliness.
So we use in our factory a special washing street for products. We clean the products in our workshop by using overheated water instead of degreaser.
If possible, waste and packaging materials will be recycled. This is according to our VCA-* certification which includes a stringent environmental policy.

Further we attach great importance to minimize energy consumption. Our new building in Terschuur is heated and cooled by a heat pump. We have also recently decided to generate the energie we use ourselves. We have invested in the construction of solar panels on the roof of our company. The installation consist of 264 panels, which has an estimated annual income of 43.000 kwh. We will use the renewable energie mostly for our own business. The energie we don't use will be returned to the public energy network. In this way we want to make our contribution to the sustainabability of the society.