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At Woerner we develop and manufacture systems to minimize friction and wear in machinery. Creative design and high quality systems with a low environmental footprint and minimal cost.

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Level switchesLubrication of gears and treadsSpraying of greasesWoerner progressive distributorsAssembly and maintenanceConstruction of aggregatesChain lubrication

Level switches

All Woerner oil- and grease pumps and aggregates  are available with a level switch. As a result, it has now become a extensive program level- …

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Lubrication of gears and treads

For lubrication of gears and treads Woerner Smeersytemen BV mostly uses custom made lubrication pinions. With these pinions we have the possibility to …

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Spraying of greases

Also for spraying of grease and oils, we have special products in our program. With this product it is possible to spray these thicker liquids in …

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Woerner progressive distributors

For the distribution of oil or grease in equal or unequal volumes, there is a very comprehensive program of progressive distributors. By the unique way of …

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Assembly and maintenance

Also for assembly with craftmenship and maintenance of your lubrication systems you can use our experience. We have a team of experts that is happy to discuss with your …

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Construction of aggregates

The construction of lubrication oil aggregates is a separate specials. For this we can rely on the extended knowledge of our partners in Germany build …

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Chain lubrication

For lubrication of chains in an industrial environment has Woerner various possibilities. The proven SAB device is suitable for dosing a very little drop of oil, …

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